Inside, there is a choice of traditional wrought iron pendant lamps, which can be combined with LED uplighting.  Alternatively, a greater number of uplighters offers a more simple effect.

Theatre-style parcan downlighters on an aluminium ladder truss create a contemporary look.  Also available are pin-spot lamps, which can be used to highlight table centres.

Outside, 50W Garden Spike lamps are ideal for lighting pathways and flower beds.  150W halogen floodlamps are ideal for larger areas.  For large trees and shrubs, 70W Metal Halide floodlighting provides an attractive ‘moonlight’ effect.  For larger areas such as car parking we can offer LED lighting towers.

LED fairy lights are ideal for decorating trees, shrubs and hedges and can also be used inside the marquees.

For public events, we can provide emergency exit lighting, which switches on in the event of power failure.

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